Rules and Regulations Clarence Creek

Carnival Automobile Races

1-  All drivers must be registered before 10:45 AM on the day of the ice race.

2-  All drivers must obey the rules and regulations (including parking) at all time, otherwise they will be disqualified immediately.

3-  The registration fee is $20.00 .

4-  Female drivers will be allowed to race in the men OR female category, not both.

5-  All drivers and cars must be ready when called in to the starting area.

6-  Any cars not at the starting line when the race is ready to start will be allowed 2 minutes to get

    ready, otherwise they will be disqualified. (Being ready help speed up the process)

7- If a driver doesn't behave sportsman like ( cutting or hitting other cars in intent to injure) he or she will be disqualified.

8-  Whenever a disqualification is made, the driver will loose his registration and entry fee.

9-  All cars must have a large visible number on the passenger side.

10-  All decisions made by the committee will be final.

11- Four wheel drive vehicles are not allowed.

12- All cars must be stock.

13- Any reinforcement on your car that could be dangerous for other drivers will not be permitted. ( organizer's decisions).

14- Adding weight to your car in any way is not permitted.

15- All plastic lens, sealed beams, lights, side and rear windows must be removed. Only front windshield is allowed .

16- No studded tires or tire chains will be permitted.  Good snow tires are the best.

17- All cars must be equipped with a secure driver's seat and operating seat belt.

18- No drivers will be permitted to race without a seat belt and safety helmet or they will be disqualified .

19- Drivers not obeying the official's signs (flags) and rules will be disqualified immediately.

20- The committee reserves the right to change any or all the rules and regulations at any time.

21- Since there is no insurance for either drivers or spectators, please be careful, you are racing at your own risks.  Remember that these races are only for entertainment.

     Have a safe and fun day!